Pexoutlet warrants to the owner of the property in the United States and Canada that is installing Pexoutlet products to read the following:

When properly installed in potable water piping systems and hydronic heating piping systems, under normal conditions of use, shall be free from failure caused by manufacturing defects for the applicable warranty period. This limited warranty is in effect for installations made after January 1, 2019 and applies strictly to products purchased at Pexoutlet.com.

Validation of the warranty period is required through proof of purchase. In the event that the proof of purchase is unavailable, the warranty period initiation date shall default to the date of manufacture for each product.

All products must be installed in accordance with:

  • Applicable codes
  • Good plumbing practices
  • Any local, state, provincial or federal requirements.
  • A potable water or radiant heating application unless a non-potable water service is specifically described in published pertinent product literature.
  • Construction techniques compliant with then applicable codes to install the product and use the product within the design parameters specified in any installation guidelines and technical notes for the applicable system. This shall include field pressure testing prior to concealing with concrete or by other means and wrapping any brass fitting when buried.
Failure to install Pexoutlet products according to manufacturer’s installation instructions will void all applicable warranties and may result in severe water damage.  Products must always be used in a manner consistent with their intended use and be used in installations and environments acceptable to their material and design specifications, including not being installed in a system that may operate at temperatures or at pressures that exceed the approved ratings which can be found on the product, packaging or installation instructions.

    This limited warranty does not apply, and you do not have a right of reimbursement if the product failure or resulting damage is caused by:

    • Evidence of tampering, mishandling, neglect, abuse, accidental damage, freeze damage (it is expressly understood that failure as a result of any freezing fluids within the pipes does not constitute a defect in material or workmanship and shall not be covered by this warranty) or unauthorized modifications or repairs that cause damage to warranted products.
    • Exposure to harmful, unauthorized, or unanticipated chemicals or substances or corrosive water conditions.
    • Exposure to ultraviolet light.
    • Faulty installation including failure to follow proper burial instructions.
    • Damage from abnormal operating conditions including exposure pressures and temperatures beyond the specified operating range.
    • Failure to properly test and pass common testing methods (including pressure testing) after the installation and before the product or system is put in service.
    • Components not manufactured or sold by Pexoutlet.
    • Acts of nature such as earthquakes, flood or lightning.

    To be eligible for service under this limited warranty, it is the responsibility of the property owner to obtain and pay for repairs. Only if the warranty applies will Pexoutlet be responsible for reimbursement.  Please contact us with the part or parts which you claim failed and any claimed bills for which you seek reimbursement. Products returned without shipping charges prepaid will be reimbursed. Within a reasonable time after receiving the product, Pexoutlet will investigate the reasons for the failure, which includes the right to inspect the product at Pexoutlet and reasonable access to the site of damage in order to determine whether the warranty applies. Pexoutlet will notify you of the results of this review.

    If Pexoutlet determines that the failure or leak and any resulting damages were the result of a manufacturing defect in the products covered by limited warranties outlined below, Pexoutlet will reimburse the property owner for reasonable repair or replacement charges to include drywall, flooring and painting costs, as well as damages to personal property, resulting from the failure or leak. Except as specified above or otherwise specifically authorized in writing by Pexoutlet, Pexoutlet shall not pay for any costs or expenses for transportation, relocation, labor, repairs or any other work associated with removing and/or returning failed or defective products or installing replacement products. Any change in property ownership after the first ten years will nullify any remaining warranty coverage. This shall constitute the sole and exclusive remedy for any defective product.

    Pexoutlet shall not be responsible for any other incidental, indirect, contingent, special or consequential damages.  Including without limitation, economic loss, loss profits or the cost of repairing or replacing other property which is damaged if these warranted products do not work properly.  Other costs resulting from labor charges, delays, vandalism, negligence, fouling caused by foreign material, damage from adverse water conditions, adverse chemical environments, or any other circumstances over which Pexoutlet has no control. This limitation applies even if Pexoutlet could have foreseen or has been advised of the possibility of these damages. This limited warranty shall be invalidated by any abuse, misuse, misapplication or improper installation of the product. Any remaining warranty coverage may not be assigned or transferred after the period ending ten years following the installation. Pexoutlet does not guarantee or in any way warrant the integrity or workmanship of the contractor/installer. Other than this limited warranty, Pexoutlet does not authorize any person or firm to create for it any other obligation or liability in connection with its products.